Adult Lingerie
Seductive & alluring women's and men's undergarments; befitting adults; certain to cause excitement.


Adding ornamentation to complete or create a certain fashionable look; such as a boa, or elbow length gloves to enhance your lingerie wardrobe.
  Allure Leather
One of the lingerie industries leading manufacturers of fine leather lingerie, clothing and accessories.
  American Back
The amount of rear coverage offered by a swimsuit bottom, teddy, panty, etc. An American bottom has more coverage than a Brazil bottom, but less then a full bottom.
A sock usually made or accented with lace and ruffle that reaches just above the ankle.
Trimming or decoration of one material, then applying it to the surface of another. Usually stitched by embroidery, tapestry or crotchet.
  Babydoll Lingerie
Pure sexy innocence. Lingerie's most popular style is a short mini gown with a hipline hem, usually served with matching panties to complete the ensemble.
  Bell Bottoms
Like a 1970's renaissance, bell bottoms are back in fashion baby. They are pants that are flared or "belled out at the ankles, and sometimes fit snug in the hips - Yeah Baby!
  Bikini Panty
A full coverage front and back panty where sides are generally cut high on the hip.
Any variety of attractive feather types, fur, or delicate fabric that make up a long fluffy soft scarf.
A close fitting body covering, usually with a variety of necklines and arm lengths. Often made of sheer, lycra, and mesh lace.
  Bolero Top
A long sleeved crop top which resembles the Bolero jacket in length and Spanish style.
Not what you think! A stiff, usually plastic strip sewn into the garments to give support and body contouring.
  Booty Short
Similar to the boyshort, but with less rear, side and front coverage. More risque, accenting the derriere.
A low cut, high rise, lace up, or ruffled style women's tight fitting undergarment.
  Boxer Briefs
Sexy men's contemporary fitted briefs, usually made of cotton, Jersey cotton, and microfiber. Fitted like a traditional brief, combined with the length of a boxer.
  Boxer Shorts
Traditional men's thigh length, loose fitting underwear.
A functional lingerie undergarment worn by women to support their breasts.
  Brazil Back
The amount of rear coverage offered by a swimsuit bottom, teddy, panty, etc. A Brazil back has more coverage area than a thong bottom, but less than an American bottom.
A closure on a garment that is held together by snaps or velcro which can easily be pulled apart for quick change, such as break-away pants, tops, or thongs.
  Burn Out
A fitted bra and mid garment intended to shape and enhance the bustline. Often with removable garters, adjustable back and straps.
Designed to shape and enhance the bustline, this sexy fitted bra and mid garment is usually equipped with removable garters, adjustable back and straps, and matching panties. Oh My!
  Camisole or Cami
A loose fitting sleeveless mini-slip that stops at the waist. Can be worn by itself or under sheer tops or jackets. Camisoles can also be paired with panties or garters, known as cami-sets.
A soft fabric made from the wool of the cashmere goat.
  Capri Pants
Similar to peddle pushers, capri pants range in length from just below the knee, to well above the ankle. Named from the Mediterranean island of Capri.
  Chain Mail
Flexible fashions such as gowns, tops, costumes, and accessories, made from joined metal links or scales.
A rich and beautiful silk like satin finished man made fabric. Charmeuse is washable and is a practical substitute for silk.
A fitted bustline with a relaxed gown, hemmed below the hip, but above the knee; held up by thin spaghetti straps. A chemise is generally longer than a babydoll, but shorter than a dress.
A light weight fabric of sheer silk or rayon.
A high tight collar that fits closely around the neck or throat, often made of leather or lace.
  Chopper Bar
A lovely delicate open net lace background with a raised embroidered shiny pattern.
Known as a waist cincher, a tightly fitted lace up garment that helps contour the body from just under the breasts, to the top of the hips. Similar to an open bust corset.
  Coquette International
A Canadian lingerie manufacturer defining intimate apparel since 1979.
Corsets began as iron cages with long sharp front points which made possible the needle like waistlines of the 16th century. Today corsets are sexy & strapless, however still used for body contouring, iron points are replaced with boning. The cage itself is replaced by soft fabric with lace up front or backs, and usually comes with detachable garters instead of a chastity belt.
  Cowl Neck
A draped neckline, usually on the front of a woman's garment, used to add body and fullness. One of the most attractive necklines for any bust size.
  Crop Top
A sexy short top extending to just below the breasts and exposing the midriff.
  Crotchless Panties
A tempting and seductive woman's panty with an inviting opening in the crotch area.
  Cuban Heel
A special design emphasizing color and gently accenting the heel area of women's stockings.
  Dance/Club Wear
A look designed to allure or capture ones attention; to strike an impression. Flirtatious outfits adorned with jewelry, chokers, hair styles foot fashions and exposed body parts. Usually worn to dance clubs, concerts, underground parties or special events.
  Demi Cups
Often referred to as half cup or shelf bra, the demi cup bra is generally underwired for support and has a lower line which reveals the nipple and upper breast. Excellent for exposing cleavage and plunging necklines.
A unit of measure that refers to the thickness of a fiber used in a garment, usually rayon, nylon, and silk. 15 denier fabric is very thin, 10 denier is stocking weight.
A sexy plus size line of lingerie from Allure Leather, and also Coquette Lingerie. Both fantastic, quality lines of lingerie.
  Dreamgirl Lingerie
A leading Los Angeles based wholesale lingerie manufacturer, specializing in high quality lingerie, costumes, and accessories.
The art of sewing detailed decorative designs onto fabric or garments by hand or machine.
  Erotic Lingerie
Tending to arouse sexual desire. A large selection of lingerie offered by Romantic Adventures at discount prices and affordable shipping.
Material modified with hook and eyes that attach to bras, bustiers, and corsets to extend their circumference.
  Eyelash Lace
Decorative lace fringed strands at the edge of a garment that resemble eyelashes.
  Fantasy Lingerie
An exclusive California based lingerie manufacturer which provides outstanding lingerie, costumes and accessories.
  Faux (fö)
A french word used primarily in fashion to describe anything imitation or fake; especially manmade fur or leather.
  Fence Net Hosiery
A large thin open net hosiery fabric. A large fishnet loop.
A popular open mesh fabric used in clothing, lingerie, and hosiery; noted for it's sex appeal, and named after the netting used to catch fish. Now primarily used to entice men.
  Full Back
The amount of rear coverage offered by a swimsuit bottom teddy, panty, etc. Having more coverage than an American back, the full back offers the most coverage.
  Garter Belt
An alluring lingerie accessory, where a flexible band is worn around the waist to which garters are attached to support the stockings.
  Garter Belt Hose
Stockings with an added sheer waistband and garter panels that create a garter belt stocking appearance.
An elasticized band worn around the leg to hold up a stocking or sock, often used as an accessory with lingerie and wedding attire.
Used as an accessory for lingerie. A covering for the hand having separate sections for each of the fingers and thumb, usually made of satin, lace, or fishnet and extending to the wrist, forearm, or elbow.
  Gown (lingerie)
A long lingerie gown often made of soft fabric, that usually extends to the ankles.
A small front covering of fabric connected by a thin elastic strap, which is attached to a waistband, and creates a G shape.
A handsome line of men's lingerie and lounge wear prepared exclusively by Shirley of Hollywood.
  Halter Top
A garment closure that cuts low on the back, but ties from the front, over the breasts and around the back of the neck; unlike a strap that finishes over the shoulder and connects to the back of the garment.
This L.A. based manufacturer is hot & upcoming! Their trendy line of lingerie, panties, and sets offer the sexiest colors and styles available.
  Hot Pants
Always attracting attention, very sexy, and very short shorts!
  Intimate Attitudes
A very sexy plus size line of lingerie prepared exclusively by Shirley of Hollywood.
A fabric with a beautiful, intricately woven pattern.
A teardrop shape opening in a garment to expose cleavage, or the upper back. Also used as a sexy accent on the back of a woman's boy short.
  Knee Highs
Refers to the length of stockings or socks. A favorite style of sock for the sexy school girl outfit or costume.
A delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open weblike pattern of which there are many variety's, chantilly, satin, spanish, french, stretch, soft, regal, and many more.
A brocade fabric woven with metallic threads, often of gold or silver.
  Leather Lingerie
One word, Allure Leather! Seductive lingerie constructed in soft, form fitting leather and patent leather. Leather provides comfort, durability, and breathability. In addition, leather lingerie accessories are made from this process.
  Leg Avenue
Extraordinary lingerie! One of the finest collections of lingerie, bodystockings, hosiery, vinyl, costumes, and accessories every assembled - anywhere!
  Lounge Wear
Any type of attire designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. Especially when such activities include anything from poolside to bedside and everything in between.
  Low Rise
Any type of sexy garment that rides on the hip or just below it. Usually boyshorts, thongs, panties, and hot pants.
A Dupont trademark for it's spandex fiber. Known for it's durability, flexibility, retention, and comfort.
The farmed, fluffy soft down from African Storks, used to trim or accent lingerie garments, shoes, jackets, and accessories.
  Men's Thong
A sleek and sexy form fitting mans undergarment that conceals his front, but exposes his assets.
A sheer, very fine, soft woven elastic knit used to create arousing lingerie.
A synthetic fiber, finer than silk. Known for it's texture and drape. It's durable, washes well, and it breathes. It's a superb fabric for both men's and women's wear.
  Mini Dress
An extremely short skirt covering anywhere from just below the derriere to mid-thigh. Yeah Baby!
  Naughty Lingerie
One that is naughty, behaving disobediently. Really, isn't this the way you want to wear your lingerie? Be-Have Baby!
An open work fabric of thread that is woven or knotted together. The most popular being fishnet, lycra net, sheer net and fence net.
Having no luster, non transparent, opposite of sheer.
  Open Bust
An opening in the bust area that allows the breasts to be fully exposed. Very nice! Usually associated with corsets, bras, and teddies.
  Open Crotch
A strategically placed slit or opening in a woman's panty, bodystocking, or teddy, designed for pleasure and access.
  Open Weave
A larger open work fabric, made of threads that are woven or knotted - larger than a fishnet.
Definitely not a gasket. A metal ring used as a design element in leather lingerie, clothing and accessories.
A woman's one piece undergarment consisting of a reinforced panty and stretchable stocking.
  Padded Push-Up Bra
Same as a push-up bra, but with extra padding on the sides and under the cups to enhance cleavage and push the breasts up and together.
A pair of decorative adhesive patches used to conceal a woman's nipples and worn principally by exotic dancers and striptease performers.
  Patent Leather
Real or synthetic leather that has been treated with lacquer to create a hard glossy surface on one side. Used especially for lingerie, shoes, and accessories.
Definitely not a game for children. A seductive slit or opening strategically placed in a garment, usually in women's lingerie bra tops and panties, that expose her intimate areas.
A woman's loose-fitting dressing gown.
Also called a pettiskirt. A women's slip or underskirt that is often full and trimmed with ruffles or lace, primarily used for costumes.
  Pleaser Shoes
A leading California manufacturer and wholesale distributor of women's sexy alternative footwear.
  Plus Size Leather Lingerie
One word, Allure Leather! Where to purchase it?
  Plus Size Lingerie
Beautiful and arousing lingerie made for the plus size woman. Ladies, flaunt your best assets and shop at
A rib knit fabric associated with being feminine and delicate.
  Push-Up Bra
A bra containing padding under the cups, and or on the sides, either removable or sewn in. Used to enhance cleavage.
A beautiful synthetic silk-like material.
Fabric with soft raised vertical ribs to complement the silhouette of a garment.
  Risque Lingerie
One of the most provocative and inviting lines of lingerie available anywhere. Prepared exclusively by Shirley of Hollywood.
A detail created by taking fabric and sewing in lines of elastic to create a ruffle or gathered look.
A garment consisting of a length of soft printed cloth that is wrapped around the waist or upper torso and tied for closure.
A smooth fabric, usually silk or rayon, woven with a glossy face and a dull back.
One of a series of curved projections forming an attractive ornamental border or trim. Referred to as a scalloped edge.
  Sheer Lingerie
Lingerie that is very lightweight, see-through and sexy. Fabrics consist of mesh, net, lycra, and lace.
  Shelf Bra
Also known as a half cup bra, it is generally underwired for support and has a lower line which reveals the nipple and upper breast. Excellent for exposing cleavage and plunging necklines.
  Shirley of Hollywood
Clearly, one of the finest lingerie manufacturers in the world. Shirley offers an excellent variety of lingerie lines, from the very provocative Risque line, to the beautiful Shirley main line. Also the very sexy plus size Intimate Attitudes collection, and Gyz, a very handsome men's wear group. Costumes and accessories too.
A fine lustrous fiber produced by the secretion of silkworms, and certain insect larvae. Silk has a brilliant sheen, and is strong, soft, and absorbent.
  Slide Top
A style of tri-top or triangle top that allows the cups to slide on the bodice string to adjust to personal needs.
A synthetic fabric created with elastic thread which offers an enormous amount of stretch. Originally used with sports wear and bicycle pants, then adopted by the lingerie industry for the way it hugs the body and accents it's best assets.
Women's hosiery that varies in length from the thigh area to the toes. Usually, held in place with garter belts or adhesive elastic stay-up bands. Available in a variety of fabrics, and colors.
  Stay-Up Stockings
Stockings with wider decorative bands along the top or thigh area, where adhesive or silicone strands are located within the decorative band, allowing the stockings to stay in place, eliminating the need for garter straps.
A garment with many straps, where the straps serve not for function, but as a design element.
  T-Back or T-Bars
The amount of rear coverage offered by a swimsuit bottom, teddy, panty, etc. Having less coverage than a thong back, the T-back or T-bar offers the least amount of coverage. Similar to a G-string.
A teddy with garter straps either sewn or detachable and stockings, usually sold as a complete set.
A one piece lingerie garment often resembling a one piece swimsuit. Variations include crotchless, thong back, open bust, lace up, and comes in a variety of fabrics.
  Thigh Highs
Referred to as a length of women's hosiery, reaching up the thigh area of the leg and held in place with garter belts or self-adhesive straps called stay-ups.
Refers to the amount of rear coverage of a swimsuit bottom, teddy, panty, etc. A thong back offers more coverage than a G-string or T-back, but less than a Brazilian back.
  Trashy Lingerie
Despicable, immoral, indelicate, scandalous; Hey, everyone has varying propensities for lingerie!
Or triangle top, is used for most bikini tops. Named for it's triangle shape because of the halter tie around the neck and two triangle patches which cover the breasts, and a bodice strap that ties or hooks around the back.
A soft ribbed cloth of wool or wool blend, usually used for dresses.
Used as a support and also to enhance cleavage in bras, teddies, babydolls, etc. A semi-circular wire support sewn into the underside of each cup of a brassiere.
Vinyl and PVC are chemically derived plastics used in the manufacturing of erotic lingerie, costumes, and accessories.
  Women's Lingerie
Feminine, delicate, soft, and beautiful undergarments worn by women for comfort and pleasure.
  Zakk Men's Wear
An engaging, handsome, and comfortable line of men's lingerie and intimate apparel. Prepared exclusively by Coquette International.